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Health Insurance

Health Insurance



Health plans provide coverage for medical expenses that are not covered by the provincial health care plan, including drugs, dental, vision care, and other expenses. Medical expenses can add up quickly. Health insurance plans are simple and affordable and can make medical expenses more predictable.


There are flexible plans offered by insurance companies, which can be easily customized to fit into your requirements and budget. Some health insurance plans require a medical assessment and do not cover preexisting conditions.


Please contact us for best offers on your health insurance plan.




Critical Illness Insurance


Critical Illness Insurance plans provide financial protection for medical expenses, recovery efforts and potential loss of income as a result of a serious illness such as cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Critical illness insurance plans usually require medical assessment, before policies can be issued.


Different insurance companies offer a wide range of critical illness insurance plans that provide comprehensive coverage for many conditions and for various terms. There are also some options such as the return of premium, in case after a certain period, none of the conditions occur, which could make the plans financially more attractive. You can choose the right coverage based on your personal requirements and financial plans.   


Please contact us for the best offers on your critical illness insurance plan.

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